By David Msia

Three knocks on the door was enough to wake his mind up. He knew it was no longer a dream. A moment he has waited for almost his lifetime was due at this very second. Without saying a word, he stood up from a stool that was at the corner of his room, sitting in front of a table getting some light from the security bulb just outside the window. He pushed the stool underneath the table and turned to a mirror.

He was wearing a white vest and a pair of blue shorts. “It’s too much” he said to himself as he rushed to his bag full of clothes he did not seem to have packed well. In other words the bag was simply untidy. He started going through different shirts so fast as if he was the flash, and finally ended up picking a red t-shirt. He put it on just in time to hear a couple of more knocks at the door. “Just a second!” he said while closing the bag and push it at the corner just by the table. He looked again in the mirror then saw a small wrinkle on the bed sheet at the corner of the bed. He turned and straighten it up and head to the door.

He twisted the key anticlockwise, and opened the upper and lower locks. He then exhaled and pulled down the door handle and opened the door. He was met with a coolest breeze of air mixed with Baccarat Les Larmes Sacrees de Thebes perfume scent that made air felt expensive like breathing tiny bits of gold every time the wind blew. At the very same note, he felt like he was out of place. Everything now became a wild nightmare he had not rehearsed to face. “W…w..welcome” he said it as awkwardly as he could. She smiled and made a step inside. He reached out to help her take care of her hand bag and a heavy fluffy coat she was wearing. After all being a gentleman was all he could afford at this time. She handled him everything she was carrying and stood there looking around. He also did not move an inch. He stood there looking at her, as she looks around the room. He knew she was a woman of class but the perfume told him a whole new story. She was a woman of the highest class. In fact him working at the perfume factory the perfume cost was his annual salary. “Nice” she said.

His eyes were now wide open and of course he was speechless, “would you like a glass of wine?” he asked. “What?” she replied as if she did not hear what he had just asked. “Would you..” before he could finish, “ I heard you darling, serve me a glass of you”. “Hmm, now?” he asked, “you talk too much ain’t ya?” she said this now standing right behind him. There was now, no space between them and his world was all now converged to this tiny square room. He could smell the perfume so close he started feeling expensive. He turned and there she was right on his nose, well, his forehead was under her nose. He looked up and her eyes were lit up, and as he was looking towards her shoes he noticed something. She was all naked. Now all her curves were clearly seen. The tiny bits of light from the window made it clear. She was sparkling and beautiful like the perfume she was wearing.

Her hands wrapped around his neck and she pulled him closer to her…

To be continued…

Part 2

For the first time in his life, he felt like he was a hero. She went for a kiss and he gave it to her the best way he knew how. There was no time to catch a breath. She pulled off his red t-shirt and he dropped down his pair of shorts. They were both naked. They now, for the first time could feel each other’s warmth. Their skin touched and light up a sensation that made them submit to each other. Their hands were now mapping each other’s body parts. She scrolled her fingers on his back from neck to waist in zigzag fashion. She did it so slowly so she could feel every spot that made him twitch. He did the same with his kisses. He went for the neck and he could tell he had just hit the jackpot. She gave a cry that made her height meaningless to him. She fell on bed and he came right on top of her. Him on top meant he was in control. It also meant he could do everything to see to it that she will crave for more. His kisses now moved on her breasts. He could now tell the pleasures she was receiving were enough to start raising up her heart beats.

Being a superman he now felt he was, he wanted to give her more to impress her, so he started to head down south for her. “S…stop, stop!” she said. “Whats wrong?, have i done something wrong?” he asked. Now he was confused. “The Bed sheets”, she said. “What’s wrong with them? He said this looking even more confused. “They are wet” she said while trying to sit up right. “Wet?” he asked. He felt like she was just trying to mess up with him. “Well we all this has been happening fast may be it’s the…” before he could finish his sentence, he noticed a drop of blood. He moved closer  to make sure it is what he has just seen and noticed there was more blood. In his mind he thought was either she was a virgin or was on her period. Both of these thoughts are things he could not ask. Meanwhile she was reaching to feel her back. She had started to feel it itching. She turned to check the bed sheet and there was blood everywhere. For a second she wanted to scream. But again she thought of the two things he gave same thought to. She reached down to her parts to feel if it was what she thought it was but she noticed it was not. “There is blood” she said this pointing on the sheet with one hand will scratching her back with another. She turned to have a better looking turning her back to him. “Heeeeey Maaaan!” He shouted and jumped away from the bed. “What’s wrong?” she asked, his face said it all. He looked like he had seen a ghost on Friday 13th. At this point they were both panicking, she noticed that he was shocked by her back. She rushed to the mirror. She turned and so her back. She reached out to feel it and there was blood on the hand she was scratching her self with. Her skin was melting off. She saw how fast and gruesome her back was getting plus a thread like moving thing on her spine, she lost it and fainted.


To be Continued…

Leave a comment, what do you think it was?, was he from the beginning on a mission to harm her? Who is he? Or a better question, who is she? Stay tuned… for the upcoming third part.